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Terms of Service/ Policies

Operational Policies:

  • Limitation of Liability: Nick's On-Site Detailing Inc. shall not be held responsible for any losses, thefts, or damages incurred to items left in the customer's vehicle or the vehicle itself. It is the customer's sole responsibility to ensure the security of their belongings.

  • Refund Policy: Nick's On-Site Detailing Inc. does not entertain refund requests. However, we are committed to maintaining the highest level of customer satisfaction. We will diligently address any concerns raised by customers and make every effort to resolve them satisfactorily.

  • Appointment Flexibility: Nick's On-Site Detailing Inc. reserves the right to modify appointment times or reschedule without providing a refund to the customer. This provision allows us to accommodate unforeseen circumstances, ensuring the smooth operation of our services.

  • Rescheduling Due to Unforeseen Events: In cases of unexpected conflicts, inclement weather, or emergencies, Nick's On-Site Detailing Inc. retains the prerogative to reschedule appointments. This measure ensures the safety and well-being of both our staff and customers.

Additional Charges:

  • Vehicle Preparation: To facilitate an efficient cleaning process, customers are kindly requested to remove all trash, personal items, and objects from the vehicle. Failure to comply will result in a charge of $20 for the removal of personal belongings.

  • Individualized Pricing: Additional charges may be applicable based on the unique requirements of each vehicle, as determined by the servicing professional. The customer will be informed of any such charges prior to or during the service.

Conditions of Service:

  • Specialization and Limitations: Nick's On-Site Detailing Inc. does not provide services for the cleanup of bio-hazards, including fecal matter. We also do not specialize in RVs, trailers, horse trailers, or commercial excavators.

  • Right to Refuse Service: Nick's On-Site Detailing Inc. reserves the right to decline service in cases involving negligible behavior, unsafe environments, or hazardous conditions pertaining to the vehicle. Our priority is to maintain a safe and secure work environment.

  • Service Location Limitations: Our services are exclusively offered in secluded driveways or lots. Active parking lots, streets, side-streets, or cul-de-sacs do not meet the necessary criteria for us to conduct our operations effectively.


Billing/ Payment:

  • Immediate Payment: Residential customers are required to make payment promptly upon completion of the service. Commercial and municipal clients will receive an invoice for payment.

  • Commercial Account Payment Terms: Commercial accounts must settle the outstanding balance within 30 days from the date of service. In the event of overdue accounts, the customer will be notified and granted a grace period of 10 days before further action is pursued. A charge of 20% of the amount owed will be added for every 10 days of non-payment. 

  • Firm Pricing: Our prices are fixed and non-negotiable, ensuring transparency and consistency in our service charges.

Gift Cards:

  • Gift cards can be purchased via Square or through phone transactions. As per MGL regulations, our gift cards do not have an expiration date. However, we recommend utilizing the gift card within one year from the issue date to align with Nick's On-Site Detailing Inc.'s ongoing educational pursuits. The issue date is clearly indicated on the gift card for reference.


When booking services with Nick’s On-Site Detailing Inc. customers agree with the following terms of service and conditions listed. 

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