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Billy's Basic Detail

New to getting your car detailed and don't know where to start? Give Billy's Basic Detail a try. You'll have a shiny, clean car at an affordable price in under 2 hours with our mobile detailing service in Worcester, MA and surrounding areas. 

This service is named after Nick's Great Uncle to honor his legacy and impact on the business, Billy Padovano, who was the proud owner of Eastern Auto Body in Auburn after buying it fromhis brother (Nick's Grandfather) Ronnie. He continued to grow the business and move the company to Auburn from Park Ave.

Billy helped Nick get started with the company, sharing his business cards with clients, answering questions and helping him along the way. Billy unfortunately passed in the fall of 2023. To honor his legacy and impact on the business, and Nicholas - we named our Basic service after him.

Nick's On Site Detailing - Billy's Basic Detail


✓   Dusting

✓   Dash-Shine 

✓   Leather Cleaner

✓   Vacuum Rugs & Trunk

✓   Window Cleaning (interior)

✓   Rubber Mats 


✓   Foam Wash 

✓   Tire Shine 

✓   Wheel Deep Clean 

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