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Meet the Owner of Nick's On-Site Detailing

Nick is a full-time student at Boston College studying for an MBA. He finished his degree at the College at the Holy Cross in Political Science. Since finishing undergrad Nicholas has received the ROMBA fellowship for outstanding business leadership at Boston College.


Nick served over three years as a Town School Committee Member, for the Millbury Public School District.  He graduated with honors from Millbury High School in 2019. He has been active with scouting and was awarded Scouting's highest rank, Eagle Scout in March of 2019. Nick has been cleaning cars since he was little with his grandfather.


He used to teach him the ins and outs of caring for cars and providing supreme service to valued customers. Nicholas has been working to pay for his college tuition since 2019 while attending Assumption University. After two years of hard work and saving, he gained entrance to Holy Cross and  is now starting at Boston College. 

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Our Mission

At Nick's On-Site Detailing, our mission is to redefine convenience and excellence in automotive detailing by delivering top-quality, customized automotive detailing services at your doorstep.

Core Values

 Honesty, Excellence, Community

Meet the Team

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

Company History

Nicholas Lazzaro started Nick’s On-Site Detailing Inc. in 2019 while a student. Nick needed to find a way to afford the mounting cost of college tuition that plagues young people today. Refusing to take on loans, Nick set to work. Working on family and friends' cars in August of 2019, Nick had mastered some of the tricks of the trade from his grandfather Ronnie, the former owner of Eastern Auto Body of Worcester (family-owned by Nick’s cousin, John Begg).


Nick grew his client base with the newer concept of Mobile Detailing. At the time - not totally mainstream, Nick had worked on providing mobile services that met clients where they were and addressed their needs.


From there he grew the company, navigating during the COVID pandemic, and graduating College of the Holy Cross debt-free. Now, Nick is empowering other young people to do the same.


All of Nick’s employees are current and future college students saving for their tuition to put themselves through school. At the center of Nick’s On-Site Detailing, is a commitment to community, empowerment, and partnership with both our staff and customers. We can’t wait to detail your cars, and meet you!

Cars run in Nick's family. Nick's grandfather, Ronald Padovano, was the Owner of Eastern Auto Body. He provided services with body work and car detailing for 50 years in the Worcester Area.

Ronald taught Nick the best ways to clean cars and provide service to customers. These were at the forefront of his business and carry on through Nick's detailing services. 

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Fun Fact

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Giving Back

Nick’s On-Site Detailing is committed to contributing back to our local community.


In Millbury and our surrounding areas, we support non-profit organizations, local municipalities, and sports leagues through monetary contributions and raffle prizes.

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