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Carol's Ultimate Detail

If your car needs some serious TLC, then Carol's Ultimate Detail is for you. This service adds clay bar treatment to the exterior to help add shine and remove oxidation and contaminants within the paint.  

Car Detailing in Worcester, MA with Clay Bar Treatment
Carol's Ultimate Detail at Nick's on Site Detailing
Carol's Ultimate Detail at Nick's on Site Detailing

This service is named after Nick's grandmother, Carol who was married to Ronald Padovano, the Owner of Eastern Auto Body.


Carol was a big influence on Nick as she was his first customer, letting him practice detailing on her car. She always had an infatuation with cars. 


✓   Dusting

✓   Dash-Shine 

✓   Leather Cleaner

✓   Vacuum Rugs & Trunk

✓   Window Cleaning 

✓   Rubber Mats Cleaned

✓   Door Jams 

✓   Shampoo Rugs & Upholstery

+    Leather Conditioner 

+    Shampoo for Rugs / Seats


✓   Foam Wash

✓   Wheel Deep Clean

✓   Tire Shine

✓   Hand-Applied Wax

+    Clay Bar Treatment

        (removes all imperfections)

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